About Us

DME was founded upon “old school” work ethic — that a successful career doesn’t happen without hard work and dedication. Founded by Corey J Nash & Charlie Bellmore together to strive to provide a unique balance between the art & business of making music and establishing a career. As a team, they are intent on providing artists with the tools and guidance required to achieve success. They make a point to stand out from other management firms by operating under a simple philosophy: A rising tide raises all boats.

The artists DME works with don’t just become a part of a roster, they become a part of a rock & roll fraternity. DME connects with all artists on a personal level to understand the personalities, the process, and the goal. Together strategies are developed to help artists become organized, more productive and headed toward achieving their goals. Everyone who is part of the DME fraternity becomes a contributor to the mission of all.

DME leadership has industry experience which spans decades. From touring in vans that break down every 300 miles to massive festival stages. Bad record deals, poor management you name it they have “Been there, done that”. Charlie is an active guitar player, who tours the globe in one of the many projects he’s involved in. Corey handles the day to day business operations however he has long since retired from life on the road. Please check out DME’s family, like our page or get in touch with us.


We welcome unsolicited materials.