**As my first blog back in a long string of blogs I’d like to talk about working your ASS off to get stuff done. Check it out and welcome back!!

Here’s what I did while not playing music on this toxic holocaust tour.
Comics read
Harbinger (Valiant) entire original series.
Captain America (Marvel) – entire Brubaker run
The Vision (Marvel) entire book
Xmen – (marvel) entire Joss Wheedon run

Books read
Zen guitar – I read it once a year but….it counts
The Talent Code
The Speed of Sound

Riffs wrote
Tried for one a day out of 24 but got 12……if I was a baseball player I’d be a God batting at .500!

New techniques learned
Learned new repeating slash patterns. Diatonic moving. Classic blues licks. Worked on Albert King bends. Wes jazz runs. Made some new exercises for myself.

Wrote 9 blogs (this one not included)


Charlie Bellmore

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