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I’ve told all my students for 15 years, you MUST have peripheral vision while onstage. I’m not talking visually, although ripping the lead singers shirt because you weren’t looking isn’t a good thing, I’m talking MUSICALLY. Lemme discuss eh? So you’re on stage, your singer is singing a verse that’s….8 repetitions through a riff and […]


**As my first blog back in a long string of blogs I’d like to talk about working your ASS off to get stuff done. Check it out and welcome back!! KEEP BUSY Here’s what I did while not playing music on this toxic holocaust tour. ————————————– Comics read Harbinger (Valiant) entire original series. Captain America […]

Dear beginners – I’ve been reminded of the pain…..

I’m going through rebuilding a callous now, I haven’t had to do this since I was a young rocker…..ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGG THIS HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!! So about 6 weeks ago (maybe 7? I can’t remember) I was cutting some vegetables for dinner and sliced my index finger on my fretting finger RIGHT through the middle…..THE MIDDLE!! Once it was […]

The Studio is not the Stage

Like that old TV show, live and studio are a “Different World” (I never saw the show, it’s just an assumption). There are dangerous demons to both but they are very, VERY, VERY different animals! Why am I talking about this? Well, if you are not already aware,I’ve been recording Kings and Liars’ first full […]

Find your Fingerprint!

Every fingerprint is unique. There’s no other fingerprint exactly like the ones at the end of the fingers typing this newsletter, there’s plenty that are close the only fingerprints like yours ARE YOURS. Now, why am I saying something you probably learned in 5th grade (Maybe? Seems like a young “isnt that neat?” moment but….it […]

You have to Evolve

Yes, you can do it too. I’ve done it, others have done it, and for just $29.99 I can teach YOU!!! No…..no, that’s not what this is don’t worry. I’d need a LOT more readers to start charging, Ive probably got 12 readers and one of them is my mom and one of them is […]

To be the man!

you gotta BEAT the man, WHOOOOOOO!” -Ric Flair If you like wrestling you’ve heard the “dirtiest player in the game” say this at some point…..but I’d like to change the meaning of this from a large gold belt to something new – opening band/direct support mindset. So here’s the thing, this is an easy saying […]