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You have to Evolve – DME MANAGEMENT

You have to Evolve

Yes, you can do it too. I’ve done it, others have done it, and for just $29.99 I can teach YOU!!! No…..no, that’s not what this is don’t worry. I’d need a LOT more readers to start charging, Ive probably got 12 readers and one of them is my mom and one of them is my best friend Chris Beaudette so…..don’t worry, nothing I’m saying is worth a lot of dough 😉

But seriously evolving, you should do it. Being a musician it’s insanely hard thing to do, we all get stuck in niches. That’s not a bad thing, you’ve gotta become awesome at something before you advance onto new things. You need a solid foundation,but once that foundation is built we all normally do one thing – settle in.

Famous people, world class musicians, local musicians who are the “MAN” in their local scene, they all get stuck at some point. You get really good at something, you focus on that stuff live and then hide what you’re bad at. Now I’ve talked about that before in the blog, and you SHOULD do that on stage but offstage you’ve got to actively take risks. Ive been playing guitar for 25 years now or so (Im not sure how serious I was day one so its a little hazy) which is crazy, but I still have the desire to move my sound/tone/focus as should ALL of you.

I’m in the process now of adding speed and trying to advance my vocabulary musically, speak to people in the most raw form of expression. Im been researching Slash licks (always loved him, trying to expand on old roads) re-exploring jazz improv and combining those two into a weird combo.

Finally I’m trying to add more “out playing” to my vocabulary, I feel sometimes the new ADD audience gets bored so I’d like to add weird things in. Effects, oddball out of key moments, also want to sound like my live playing is suddenly edited in protools and is all chopped together. Whatever i get inapired by!

As you see I’m trying to evolve, and you should too. Don’t be complacent in your lame little box, expand boundaries and move ahead……just make sure the foundation is sturdy!

Charlie Bellmore

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